Perfect addition to the Totika Stacking game as a color selector! On each turn, Players roll the Cube to determine the color block they must remove from the stack of blocks. Use the Cube on it's own with any Totika card deck...roll Cube to determine color, pick a card, ask or answer the same color question. Make up your own rules. Simple, quick, fun communication game for one-on-one or with any size group.


The Totika Teen-Adult card deck includes 150 open-ended questions designed to promote moral development, social awareness and civility for adolescents and adults.  Questions include:

  • What is a way you demonstrate kindness?
  • What role does religion play in society?
  • Who would you talk to about a law you did not follow?
  • How have you demonstrated honor in the past?

Totika Teen-Adult Cards and Cube

    • Includes 48 cards with 150 challenging open-ended questions intended to promote moral development, social awareness and civility
    • One- Foam Stuffed Vinyl Indoor Safe 3" Cube
    • Ages 13 and up
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