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Greetings parents and helpers,

Our company was founded in 2003 on the belief that the most effective social, emotional and communication games combine fun challenges of skill that create SPACES for relaxed conversations to occur with OPEN-ended questions that provide opportunities for preferred life narratives to take root.


Our flagship product, Totika Self Esteem stacking game, a multi-award winning communication toy, has all of these characteristics, which is why it has been a trusted best selling resource in the play therapy market for almost two decades. In addition, Open Spaces, LLC was granted a trademark by the US Patent Office for YEHUA! in 2021!


We never pay for customer reviews like other so-called therapy stacking games.  More importantly, our questions are open-ended while competitors often use closed-ended questioning, which is certainly less interesting but also presents potentially harmful consequences when counseling children, adolescents and even adults in a group setting.  

Along the way we added more card decks and recently introduced the new Totika Kohatu wood rock stacking game. Our creative inspiration is you, our customers, and your work with children, teens, adults and families. Thank you, stay in touch, send us your ideas and keep up the great work!


Scott Dziura, Founder & Owner

Open Spaces, LLC

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