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Totika Self-Esteem Game

Totika - the original multi-award winning therapy stacking game from Open Spaces was first created and published by a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2003. Over the last two decades, Open Spaces has created many more therapy card decks and several other fun stacking and balance games. We believe games of skill create Spaces for people to have fun and relax and to become more Open to answering questions and discussing specific therapeutic topics like building self esteem, resilience and life skills or coping with anger or bullies. Totika is played just like other classic stacking blocks game, take turns pulling a block and placing it on top of the stack without knocking it over. When using the cards, each time a player stacks a block, they draw a card and ask another player the question that is the color of their stacked block. A great way to focus the discussion on strengthening self esteem and resilience for ages 8 to Adult. May be played with any Totika card deck - sold separately.


Totika, a multi award winner, has been a best selling communication game since it was created and first published by a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2003. Trusted by mental health and medical professionals, educators, school counselors, psychologists and parents for nearly two decades.


Play the traditional stacking tower game taking turns removing blocks and placing them on top of the stack. Knock the stack over and lose the round. Easy to learn and always fun to play.


Totika question cards are professionally designed for use in either clinical or casual settings. During play, each time a player successfully stacks a block, they pick a card and ask another player the question that's the same color as the stacked block.


For Ages 8 to Adult, the Self Esteem card deck includes over 150 open-ended questions that encourage young people to explore stories regarding self-confidence, healthy growth and development, setting and achieving goals, valuing self, and overcoming life challenges. Additional decks available separately including Resilience, Life Skills, Anger, Bullying, and Early Childhood emotions.


When used in a group setting, players talk about self-esteem, connect, share strengths and achievements, and reinforce each other’s efforts to succeed in the future, all while trying to keep the stack of blocks from falling over.

Totika Self-Esteem Game

    • Game includes 48 self-esteem question cards and 48 colored blocks
    • * Ages 145 Months and up
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