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Totika Self Esteem Cards and Totika Kohatu

Tu Kohatu is a traditional Maori competition played by stacking stones as high as possible on beaches, near rivers or other places with rocks.  Totika Kohatu is a tabletop wood rock stacking game that will determine, once and for all, who has the steadiest hand and nerves of steel. Knock the stack over on your turn and lose that round of play.  Win a round by successfully stacking the 16th stone.  Sounds easy until everyone realizes stacking all 16 stones is nearly impossible but believe us, it’s possible.  Don’t give up. Keep practicing and build your skills. 


Self Esteem cards include more than 150 open ended questions regarding motivation, role models, setting and achieving goals, challenges and perseverance for 8 and up.  Each time a player stacks a stone, they pick a card, read the question that is the same color as the stacked stone and then picks any other player to answer the question.  Designed by a Master level licensed mental health professional.  May be played with any of the Totika question card decks (sold separately).  Includes one small die, which is a choking hazard for under age 3.

Totika Self Esteem Cards and Totika Kohatu

    • Totika Kohatu means “well-balanced stones, gems or rocks.”  To play, take turns rolling and stacking a stone of the rolled color until someone loses the round by knocking over the stack or someone wins by stacking the last stone. 
    • No set-up time and each round of play takes 3-5 minutes.  Strengthens fine motor, visual-spatial and logical thinking skills for ages 4 to Adult.
    • 16 precision-cut wood rocks are smooth-sanded locust (solid hardwood), colored with safety tested water-based paint, and vary in height (1.5 – 2 inches) and width (1.0 - 1.5 inches). Three different shapes (4 large stones, 8 medium rocks, 4 small gems).  Specifically designed and totally perfect for tabletop competition. It takes patience and skill to stack all 16 and the more level and stable the table, the better chance someone will win a round by stacking the last block.
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