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Totika Mindfulness Cards and Totika Cube
  • The Totika Cube is a quick and simple communication game where players roll for a color, draw a card and ask any other player the rolled color question.
  • With the Totika Stacking game, roll the Cube to determine the color block that must be removed from the stack and the color question to be asked.
  • No set-up time and may be played as a toss and catch game. Just toss to next player who looks under their hand for the color question to ask.
  • The Totika Mindfulness question deck includes a total of 192 open-ended questions in four categories: Self-Actualization & Paying it Forward; Coping in a Pandemic & Self-Care; Consientiousness; Empathy for Self & Others.  The Mindfulness deck contains sophisticated questions intended for ages 13 to Adult.
  • Indoor safe soft foam-stuffed vinyl sided 3'' X 3" X 3"

Totika Mindfulness Cards and Totika Cube

  • * Includes Soft foam stuffed indoor safe 3 X 3" vinyl sided cube, Mindfulness question cards with 192 open-ended questions and a nice cotton drawstring bag

    * Ages 13 to Adult

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