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Totika Kohatu & Totika Cube - Seven Card Deck Set

Includes the Totika Kohatu game, one Totika Cube and seven decks of Totika question cards, each with 150-188 questions, prompts and scenarios for a total of nearly 1,000 interventions designed by a Licensed Professional Counselor. Totika games and question decks have been trusted resources for mental health and medical professionals, school counselors, social workers and psychologists, therapists, educators and parents since 2003. All included decks are appropriate for Ages 8+ with one exception, Teen-Adult Principles & Values, which is for Ages 13 to Adult.  Included card decks are:


Self Esteem

Life Skills




Spanish Self Esteem

Teen-Adult Principles & Values


The Cube can be played on it's own by simply taking turns rolling and asking the question of the color rolled.  Or, toss the Cube to the next player and look under their catching hand for the color on the Cube. 


The Cube may also be used as the selector while playing Totika Kohatu.  Whatever color is rolled is the color rock that must next be placed on the Kohatu stack.  Works just like the little wood die incuded in the Kohatu game but the Cube adds another element of fun.


Totika Self Esteem deck sample questions:

  • What qualities do you look for in a role model?
  • What actions are you thinking about taking to improve yourself?
  • What have you noticed about very confident people?
  • If you could win any award what would you win?


Life Skills deck sample questions:

  • What keeps you from apologizing when you hurt someones feelings?
  • How are you different from most of your friends?
  • If you felt sorry for someone for being left out, what might you do?
  • If you could take back one thing you said to someone, what would it be?


Anger deck sample questions:

  • What might be the first sign you feel anger? What’s another sign?
  • The next time anger makes you want to argue or fight, what might work instead?
  • Someone makes fun of you. How do you decide whether it’s playful teasing or taunting?
  • Anger can get worse when ____________ because _______________.


Bullying sample questions:

  • How many types of bullying can you name? What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘bullying’?
  • Someone smiles, laughs or remains silent while some else is being bullied. What might be the message?
  • Bullying sometimes happens when _____________ because __________.
  • How would you define cyberbullying? Give an example.


Resilience deck sample questions:

  • How can you best manage negative feelings caused by stress? What have you yet to try?
  • When you put the solution to a problem in action how do you decide whether or not the solution worked?
  • What might you do if your friend was upset with you about something? What else?
  • How do you know that you are skilled at something? Who else might know?


Spanish Self Esteem deck sample questions:

  • ¿Qué son tres cosas que te gustan de ti mismo?
  • ¿Qué es una de tus fuerzas?
  • ¿Si usted podría ganar cualquier premio, qué te gustaría ganar?
  • ¿Si miras duro a ti mismo, ¿qué podrías decidir cambiar?


Teen-Adult Principles & Values deck sample questions:

  • What is a way you demonstrate kindness?
  • What role does religion play in society?
  • Who would you talk to about a law you did not follow?
  • How have you demonstrated honor in the past?

Totika Kohatu & Totika Cube - Seven Card Deck Set

  • * Set includes the Totika Kohatu game, Totika Cube game, Self Esteem Deck, Autoestima Deck, Anger Deck, Resilience Deck, Bullying Deck and Life Skills Deck for Ages 8+ and the Teen-Adult Principles & Values Deck for Ages 13+

    UPC 183167000998

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