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Totika - A Social Emotional and Self Esteem Game

A block stacking game that includes questions to provoke conversations related to self-esteem and emotions of happiness, sadness, anger and fear for ages 4 to Adult. For 20 years, Totika has been a best selling game used by counselors, families, teachers and medical and social workers. Perfect for building rapport and starting conversations that encourage players to reflect on emotions, coping skills and building self esteem. GAMEPLAY INSTRUCTIONS Build the block tower by stacking 3 blocks ON EACH LEVEL. Take turns removing a single block from the tower but it can not be taken from the top layer of the tower. Place the block at the top of the tower stacking in rows of 3. Your turn ends when the next person touches the tower. Continue removing and stacking the blocks until the tower falls! QUESTION INCORPORATION - When a player removes and stacks a block, a card should be drawn. The color of block removed determines the color question on the card that player gets to ask any other player. Self Esteem cards include more than 150 open ended questions regarding motivation, role models, setting and achieving goals, challenges and perseverance for 8 and up. Early Childhood Social Emotional cards include 188 questions on the topics of anger, fear, sadness and happiness.

Totika - A Social Emotional and Self Esteem Game

    • Totika is a best selling game used by counselors, families, teachers, therapists, and medical and social workers
    • Ages 4 to Adult
    • Includes two decks of question cards: Self Esteem (150+ Questions) and Early Childhood Social Emotional (188 Questions and Prompts)
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