Totika Thumball & Icebreaker & Blank (Pencil Erasable) Card Decks

The Icebreaker card deck includes 150 open-ended warm-up questions that lead to funny and thoughtful conversations about perspectives and experiences. A fun and engaging way to start conversations with any group in any setting. 


Examples include:

  • Name the best TV show, video game, and website.
  • If you fell asleep for 100 years then woke up, what would you do first? How come?
  • Where do you like to go with your family? How come?
  • What do you really want to do again that you've done before? How come?


The Totika Blank card deck includes 24 cards with space for 96 entries. Facilitators or players write thoughtful, fact-based or silly questions, trivia, riddles, challenges, action-prompts or anything else before and/or during play.


HOW TO PLAY - Pick a player to start tossing the Thumball around and when that player yells "Thumball!" the next player to catch the ball declares the color under their thumb and then picks a card and gets to ask any other player that color question. After a thoughtful response, player returns card to deck and starts tossing the Thumball around. The player who starts the tossing is next to yell "Thumball!"


  • Another fun game to play with your current Totika card decks or write new questions on blank cards each time Thumball is played
  • Blank cards allow you to prepare questions for a specific topic for counseling or any other group, make an educational tool for the classroom or make a fun game of charades, truth or dare or any other competition
  • Use Thumball while playing the Totika stacking game by allowing Thumball to determine the next color of block to be removed

Totika Thumball & Icebreaker & Blank (Pencil Erasable) Card Decks

    • Includes Totika Thumball, Icebreaker, Blank card decks and pencil with eraser.
    • May be played with any Totika question deck and the Totika stacking game 
    • Ages 8 and up
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