Totika Thumball & Resilience, Bullying & Anger Card Decks

The Totika Resilience, Bullying & Anger card decks each include 150 open-ended questions, life scenarios, prompts and sentence completions intended to promote discussions about increasing resiliency and coping with and resolving anger and bullying.


HOW TO PLAY - Pick a player to start tossing the Thumball around and when that player yells "Thumball!" the next player to catch the ball declares the color under their thumb and then picks a card and asks any other player that color question. After a response, return card to deck and start tossing the Thumball around. The player who starts the tossing is next to yell "Thumball!"

Totika Thumball & Resilience, Bullying & Anger Card Decks

    • Includes Totika Thumball and Resilience, Bullying and Anger card decks
    • May be played with any Totika question deck and the Totika stacking game 
    • * Ages 145 Months and up
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