Totika Thumball & Icebreaker, Life Skills & Resilience Card Decks

The Icebreaker card deck includes 150 open-ended warm-up questions that lead to funny and thoughtful conversations about perspectives and experiences. A fun and engaging way to start conversations with any group in any setting. 


The Totika Life Skills card deck includes 150 open-ended questions designed to promote healthy relationships, social skills, coping strategies, critical thinking and sound design-making abilities. While intended for use with children, it also may be used with teens and adults.


The Totika Resilience card deck includes 150 open-ended questions, scenarios, prompts and sentence completions intended to promote discussions about effective stress management and problem-solving, understanding feelings, forming healthy friendships and a positive self-concept and outlook.


HOW TO PLAY - Pick a player to start tossing the Thumball around and when that player yells "Thumball!" the next player to catch the ball declares the color under their thumb and then picks a card and gets to ask any other player that color question. After a thoughtful response, player returns card to deck and starts tossing the Thumball around. The player who starts the tossing is next to yell "Thumball!"


  • Another fun game to play with your current Totika card decks or write new questions on blank cards each time Thumball is played
  • Blank cards allow you to prepare questions for a specific topic for counseling or any other group, make an educational tool for the classroom or make a fun game of charades, truth or dare or any other competition
  • Use Thumball while playing the Totika stacking game by allowing Thumball to determine the next color of block to be removed

Totika Thumball & Icebreaker, Life Skills & Resilience Card Decks

    • Includes Totika Thumball, Icebreaker, Life Skills & Resilience card deck
    • May be played with any Totika question deck and the Totika stacking game 
    • * Ages 145 Months and up