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Play the Totika stacking game, the Totika Thumball game or use them together by allowing Thumball to determine the color block that is next to be removed. This set includes the Self-Esteem, Divorce, Icebreaker, Teen-Adult, Junior, Life Skills, Anger, Bullying, Resilience and Blank card decks. Answer questions from one of nine card decks or write new questions on pencil-erasable Blank cards! Blank cards allow for any topic in any setting with friends, family, clients, students, employees or any other group. Make up rules that work best for you and your group members. Customize Totika Thumball by writing additional prompts or rules on the color panels with a sharpie. May be used with any Totika card deck.

Totika Thumball Ten Deck Set

    • Includes 48 color blocks and ten decks of cards, each containing 48 cards with 150 open-ended questions and a pencil with eraser.
    • Self-Esteem Card Deck - ages 8 and up
    • Divorce Card Deck - ages 8 and up
    • Junior Card Deck - ages 8 and up
    • Life Skills Card Deck - ages 8 and up
    • Teen-Adult Card Deck- ages 13 and up
    • Icebreaker Card Deck - ages 8 and up
    • Anger Card Deck - ages 8 and up
    • Bullying Card Deck - ages 8 and up
    • Resilience Card Deck - ages 8 and up
    • Blank Card Deck - ages 8 and up