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Totika Runga with Life Skills and Icebreaker Card Decks

Players take turns rolling and stacking one chip of the rolled color. As the stack gets wider, players are challenged to place chips between other chips. Knock over the stack and lose the round or win by being the person to stack the last chip.


Includes the Totika Life Skills card deck with 150 open-ended questions designed to promote healthy relationships, social skills, coping strategies, critical thinking and sound design-making abilities. Also includes the Icebreaker card deck with 150 open-ended questions that lead to fun and thoughtful conversations about perspectives and experiences creating engaging conversations.


When a player stacks a chip, they draw a card, read the same color question and pick another player to answer the question or perform the challenge.

Totika Runga with Life Skills and Icebreaker Card Decks

  • * Two Totika card decks, Life Skills and Icebreakers, each with 150 questions

    * Includes 1 wood bottle, 80 color chips, 1 gray chip, die, blank pencil erasable game cards and a cotton drawstring bag

    * Ages 12 to Adult

    * UPC 850035043127

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