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Totika Runga & Cube Five Deck (Self-Esteem/Life Skills/Divorce/Bullying/Junior)

Players take turns rolling and stacking one chip of the rolled color. As the stack gets wider, players are challenged to place chips between other chips. Knock over the stack and lose the round or win by being the person to stack the last chip.


Or, use Totika Cube on it's own as a quick simple communication game. Roll the Cube, draw a card and ask any player the rolled color question. Make it a toss and catch game by tossing to the next player who looks under their catching hand for the color question to ask.


Includes five Totika card decks with more than 750 open-ended questions regarding self-esteem, life skills, divorce, bullying and principles & values. Also includes blank, erasable card to write your own questions or challenges for use during play.


When a player stacks a chip, they draw a card, read the same color question and pick another player to answer the question or perform the challenge.

Totika Runga & Cube Five Deck (Self-Esteem/Life Skills/Divorce/Bullying/Junior)

  • * Includes 5 Totika Card Decks, 1 Totika Runga Game, 1 Totika Cube

    * Ages 6 and up

    * UPC 850035043080

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