Totika Early Childhood Social Emotional Cards and YEHUA!

Yehua (Noun-Wildflower; “Ye-Wha”)


Includes the Early Childhood Social Emotional card deck, which includes 192 questions and prompts.  Designed by an Early Childhood Educator with a Masters in Special Education, this deck focuses on anger, fear, sadness and happiness/friendships.


Players take turns rolling dice and stacking flowers on the balancing board and/or connecting flowers to the side vines without either knocking off any flowers from the stacks OR causing any vine or an end of the board to touch down on the playing surface.

Easy to set up and play, Yehua is a challenging game of skill and strategy with developmental benefits including fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, analytical/spatial reasoning, interpersonal skills, sportsmanship, and emotional intelligence.

Brown side stems are affixed to the board so vines can grow up, away, and in any direction!

Beginner, intermediate, advanced and Extreme gameplay.

QUESTION CARDS USE: On each turn, if one of the four Totika question colors is rolled and player successfully places the pieces, player may ask that colored question from the next card to any other player.  If two Totika colors are rolled, player may choose one colored question from the next card to ask any other player.  If player only rolls yellow and/or red, player does not ask any question on that turn.


Playtime: 10 to 20 minutes


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Totika Early Childhood Social Emotional Cards and YEHUA!

  • * Ages 4-7