Totika Divorce Cards and Totika Pong

Totika Pong, a new game from Open Spaces, can be played with any Totika card deck. Simply place yellow cup in center of table with the other four cups around it. Then, form a circle around the cups with the shooting border string. Shuffle the cards and place them away from the shooting area.


Players shoot all four colored balls on each turn but remember, first bounce of ball must be outside the shooting border. Player scores a point for every ball that lands in the same colored cup or the yellow cup. Player gets to draw a card and ask anyone else a question for every ball that lands in the same color cup. But, player must answer a question for every ball that lands in the yellow cup.


Players determine a winning point total before play begins. Simple, easy, fast and skill based play makes Totika Pong the perfect game to play in groups or one-on-one.


The Divorce deck includes over 150 open-ended questions intended to help children talk about and process the effects of divorce on their lives and family.

Totika Divorce Cards and Totika Pong

  • * Colorful, impact resistant BPA-free polypropylene cups (these will not break), ping pong balls, border string, Divorce card deck, instructions and handy cotton drawstring bag.

    * Ages 145 Months and up

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