Totika Civility Card Deck and Totika Cube
  • The Totika Cube is a quick and simple communication game where players roll for a color, draw a card and ask any other player the rolled color question.
  • Indoor safe soft foam-stuffed vinyl sided 3'' X 3" X 3"
  • No set-up time and may be played as a toss and catch game. Just toss to next player who looks under their hand for the color question to ask.
  • Totika Cube may be used as the color selector for any Totika stacking game.
  • The Totika Civility Card Deck includes 192 open-ended sophisticated questions for teens and adults. There are four groups of questions, one for each color on the cards. Each group was created to provide opportunity for discussions regarding civility and specifically:

    1. Communication/Acknowledgement/Grattude/Praise/Kindness

    2. Listening/Silence/Favors/Idle Compliments/Timing

    3. Space/Humility/Assertion/Privacy/Empathy

    4. Perspective/Respect/Supportive Criticism/Blame Shifting

Totika Civility Card Deck and Totika Cube

  • * Includes Soft foam stuffed indoor safe 3 X 3" vinyl sided cube, instructions, Civility question cards with 192 open-ended questions and a nice cotton drawstring bag

    * Ages 13 to Adult

    * UPC 850035043110