Totika Self Esteem Game With 48 Question Card Deck - A Game of Fun, Skill and Communication 
  • TOTIKA SELF-ESTEEM GAME – Players build self-esteem while trying to keep the stack of blocks from falling over. When used in a group setting, Totika offers young people a place to connect with one another, share strengths and achievements, and reinforce each other’s efforts to succeed in the future.
  • HOW TO PLAY – Pull blocks from the stack, without allowing the stack to fall. Each color block you pull correlates to a question color on the card deck, each player will then choose another player to answer the question before moving on to the next turn.
  • HELPS TO IMPROVE SOCIAL SKILLS AND SELF-ESTEEM - The question card deck encourages young people to explore stories regarding self-confidence, healthy growth and development, setting and achieving goals, valuing self, and overcoming life challenges in a fun atmosphere.
  • GAME INCLUDES - Game Includes a 48 Question Self-Esteem Card Deck and 48 Colored Blocks.
  • EVERYONE IS A WINNER – Play a round of Totika while building self-esteem and learning about each other, players choose how to win the game. Have fun and make up your own rules!

Totika Self Esteem Game
Look for the Totika Self Esteem game with bonus Blank Card deck!
Totika Party Game
Totika Party Game
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